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From our beginning on 1942, Hanlo Gage & Engineering Co. has specialized in the desgining of quality gaging equipment. The growth and success of the company is due to the excellence in performance of its products, along with comprehensive services available to our customers.
Today Hanlo serves the construction, transportation, appliance, agricultural, etc. industries with engineering, manufacturing, assembly inspection, and reconditioning at our facility located in Livonia, Michigan. We produce a complete line of "off the shelf" gages and in addition we can create a custom gaging system in acordance with the customer's specifications.

Hanlo's staff has hands-in experience and innovative ability to analyze a gaging problem and to manufacture the appropriate equipment to do the job. Through sophisticated electronic techniques we combine componants to build-up fixture andd doghouse gages both on-line and freestanding off-line gages. Hanlo's technical capabilties are clearly visible in the products shown on this site.